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Celebrating Excellence

After a decades-long career in construction, Boss Oroke achieved his dream of business ownership by opening BB Mechanical, the only black-owned, unionized mechanical contracting firm in Las Vegas.

Soon after landing his first contract, word of his expertise spread throughout the city. A turning point came when MGM Resorts extended an invitation to participate in the Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program. "Before I entered the Mentorship Program, I was doing around $100,000 in business a year. With what I learned; I was able to ramp up our operation. We did more than $5.6 million in business just this last year."

While the Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program helped open some doors, his expertise in providing top-notch service is what makes BB a success. "With my work ethic, I always knew I would do well. The Mentorship Program turbocharged how I run my business and gave me opportunities I might not have had."

Learn more about the MGM Resorts Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program


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