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Breaking Down Barriers and Building Opportunities with T-Mobile

Bob Nicholas and Nicholas Earth Printing are helping T-Mobile grow a robust supply chain that reflects our diversity and values, and economically develops the communities we serve.

Twenty years ago, Bob and his wife Arita, saw an opportunity – and never looked back. Investing everything they owned in a printing company seemed like a long shot to friends, family, and co-workers, but with vision, faith, and partners they could trust, Nicholas Earth Printing has grown to become one of the largest black-owned printing company in the U.S.

Bob credits relationship building to his success,

including the relationship he’s built with T-Mobile - first as a printer for Sprint, and then as a member of T-Mobile’s Diverse & Small Supplier program.

“T-Mobile is very sincere about leveling the playing field. All vendors compete on quality and price – but opening the door for everyone – they understand that’s just good business.”

Are you interested in becoming a T-Mobile Diverse & Small Supplier?

Learn More by clicking here.

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