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A New, Free Resource for Black & Latinx SMBs

At Meta, we understand that Black and Latinx & Hispanic small business owners are a source of creativity and forward-thinking services, but also face unique challenges. Because of this understanding, we started Elevate.

Meta Elevate is a free program, founded in 2018, that is committed to the economic growth and success of Black and Latinx & Hispanic small businesses. We provide training and resources that help SMBs scale their business, reach new customers, and uplift their communities.

Our most recent program offering is the Business Hub – a platform created to help SMBs uplevel their businesses with tailored training and unique opportunities including access to special offers like Adobe Creative tools. For a limited time, we are offering a free year-long membership to businesses that sign up and are accepted to the Hub.

Join the Business Hub and get access to these resources and more!

Learn more about becoming a Business Hub Insider and apply now to gain access!


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